5 Ways to Reduce Stress Naturally

Stress comes to everyone at work and at home. That tightening of the chest, increase in heart rate, and slight flutter in the stomach — those are just a few of the symptoms that something, or someone, is stressing you out. Far too many people far too often react to the stresses of life by resorting to pharmaceuticals or harmful mind games to throw off their stress. But that’s not the best way to handle stress — not if it has the potential of harming you or hurting others.


Here are a few time-tested ways to de-stress yourself that have no negative consequences:


A walk in the park

A ten minute walk each day can clear your head of worry and allow your body to physically work out some of the stress you’re carrying. This is not a hard physical workout, just a pleasant stroll where you give yourself permission to enjoy the world around you. Naturally you’ll want to choose a spot for your walk like a park or a pleasant residential street — not some crime-ridden warren or toxic waste dump!