25 Unknown Facts About Donald Trump

#20 – Donald Trump suffers from a specific phobia called Germaphobia/Verminophobia

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Donald Trump is also, in some way, a psychiatric case. He suffers from not so common phobia called Germaphobia or Verminophobia. Verminophobia is actually the fear of bacteria. That is why you will rarely see Donald Trump shake hands with other notable people from American public life and politics. You also won’t see him open the doors and touch objects, because people with this disorder avoid shaking hands with other people, they avoid touching objects and they avoid opening doors.

There were rare instances when Donald Trump was seen and photographed shaking hands with other people, and such instance is shown on the photography above shaking hands with Joe Bush. Joe Bush jokingly said how the future president of the United States will endure the fact that he has to shake over 60,000 hands of politicians in a single year.