25 True Facts About Ginuwine

20. In Febuary of 2009, Genuwine announced that he has a total of eight children from three women.

21. Ginuwine and his wife Tonya divorced on July 22nd 2015

[Warning – Graphic Image]

22. If you’re curious about what twitter has been going on about, it’s been how well endowed the singer is. Leaked pictures provide irrefutable evidence and has got a corner of the internet very thirsty. 

In total Ginuwine has multiple Platinum albums, making him one of RnBs and hip hops biggest stars, and he still hasn’t had enough.

Ginuwine’s official twitter handle is @Ginuwine. What are you waiting for? Follow him right now! He’s pretty active on social media too.

Ginuwine may be a runaway success, but Elgin Baylor Lumpkin is a very down to earth man. Find him on social media if you want to know more.

We hope you found this album Ginuwinely entertaining. If you’ve just stumbled upon this, and want to hear the singer himself, we recommend you start with his biggest hit that put him on the radio – ‘Pony’.