25 Most Expensive Food Dishes of all Times

#17 – Golden Opulence Sundae – $1,000

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The Golden Sundae is available in New York’s and Las Vegas’ Serendipity 3 locations. If you plan to eat this dessert, you have to order it 48 hours before you enjoy in its taste. This $1,000 dessert contains some of the rarest sweets in the world.

The story behind this dessert is that it was made up for sale to celebrate Serendipity 3’s 50th anniversary in New York. Some of the ingredients of this expensive dessert are Tahitian vanilla bean ice cream, Madagascar vanilla, Amedei Porcelana chocolate, Parisian candied fruits, chocolate truffles, marzipan cherries, golden almonds, Venezuelan Chuao chocolate, and a 23-karat gold leaf.

When you order Golden Opulence Sundae, with it you also get a little bowl of salt-free caviar, passion fruit, orange, and Armagnac.