25 Most Expensive Food Dishes of all Times

#18 – The Luxury Pizza – $1,000

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Don’t want to pay $1,000 for the whole pizza? Well, you can sample this pizza by buying a slice of it, which costs “just” $125. Hmm, can we at least buy a quarter of a slice?

The Luxury Pizza is the creation of restaurant called Nino’s Bellissima, located in Manhattan borough of the New York City. This pizza is for a reason a luxury pizza – it is a multi-caviar topped pizza. If you are able to afford this pizza, you have to know that you have to order it 24 hours before you plan to eat it.

The ingredients of this pizza include crème fraiche, lobster, and last, but not the least, chives on a thin crust. And, did we say this pizza is a multi-caviar topped pizza? Yes, it is. It is topped with six different types of caviar.