25 Most Expensive Food Dishes of all Times

Being rich gives anyone the availabilty to eat whatever they want and as many as they want. This is a great advantage of being rich. Well, it is an advantage, but it results in weird eating habits of the rich and a lot of weird things costing a lot of money.

It has been said that, as long as something can be considered to be „posh“ and as long as it is rare or it has a wild backstory behind it, there is some rich guy or girl out there who will pay to try it out. Literally any food, from bread to chocolate has its luxurious version. And, no, not all luxurious food is found in Dubai. To be exact, you could find a lot of luxurious food in Dubai, but actually, luxurious food is available all around the world. For example, in New York City, if you are rich enough, you can afford yourself to eat a thousand-dollar Lobster Bisque. In the United Kingdom, there is at least one exclusive restaurant that offers on the menu the Wagyu beef, which is, for your information, a form of rare Japanese beef. There are various restaurants and other eating facilities that offer dishes for sale that are cost more money than someone makes in a year. Isn’t that exaggeration? Possibly a little. Whether the ingredients that are the part of the dishes below grow only under special and magical conditions or the species that is the ingredient in these dishes is down to only 500 members in wild, or it is a dish with diamonds in it or it is sprinkled with solid gold, there are some wild and weird dishes here. Take a journey with us, hop your seatbelts and enjoy as we show you 25 of the world’s most expensive dishes, and where you can get those dishes, too. Also, a reminder, if you happen to like something of this and you can afford it, would you mind to give us a little taste of the dishes from the list? We would love the chocolate, especially.

#25 – The California Capitol City Dawg – $145.49

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Capitol Dawg, a dish you can find in Sacramento, California, is actually the native dish of Sacramento, California. Capitol Dawg is 0.340 kg all-beef wiener for which you would have to have a lot of spare money to try out in your mouth and stomach.

Capitol Dawg is topped with ingredients such as French mustard, baby greens, sautéed shallots, garlic mayonnaise, herb mayonnaise, pepper, applewood smoked bacon. A long list of ingredients, but there is more ingredients…let’s keep going with ingredients, then, there are dried cranberries, basil olive oil, cranberry-coconut-pear vinaigrette, and the Swedish moose cheese, which is 200$ per 0.500 kilograms.