25 Most Beautiful Crystal Clear Water Beaches of the World

Summer is everyone’s favorite season. Are there still people who love winter? Are those people normal? Probably only people who love skiing are the only ones who do really love winter. But, enough about winter…let’s talk about the summer and the summer spirit.

There are many reasons why people love summer. Some people love summer because the days are much longer and the nights are shorter. Other people love summer because they are big time ice-cream fans and they just couldn’t wait for summer to taste their favorite Nutella ice cream. But, most people love the summer season because it is the yearly season of vacations. People can’t wait to visit some seaside place and enjoy summer. The only thing that people love more that those lovely seaside places and the breeze of the sea are beautiful beaches with crystal-clear water. No wonder, who would like to swim in a dirty water and sunbathe on a dirty beach? Luckily, the mother Earth has left us many beautiful beaches with crystal-clear water and our only task is to keep those beaches clean and beautiful as they were. If you plan a vacation this summer and you want to visit a place known to have a beautiful beach, but you simply don’t know which place to visit, we would be glad to help you. Take a look at the 25 Most Beautiful Beaches of the World with Crystal-Clear Water:

#25 – Ocata Beach – Barcelona, Spain

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Barcelona is a city that can’t boast with huge parks. That is the reason why many locals of Barcelona use the beach as a playground and they particularly use the Barceloneta beach. If you plan to visit Barcelona, go and take a look at the Barceloneta beach, but don’t plan to stay there because you’ll see for yourself why you can’t stay there – it is occupied by tourists, city dwellers and sellers.

That is why many locals head out to the Ocata Beach which is located in the suburbia of Ocata. Just see what the locals of Barcelona do when they plan to visit Ocata and do the same – they hop on a city train for Ocata. The Ocata beach is a very beautiful beach with a kilometer of golden sand.