25 Luxurious Hotels Worth Your Money

Having a vacation is simply what everyone needs. Even people who don’t have a job need a vacation. But, those who work and who earn are the ones that need a good vacation. It is advised for people who work a lot to take at least two annual leaves so they wouldn’t start to suffer from the scary psychological phenomena called the burnout syndrome. But, there is another problem with people who work and how do they spend their annual leaves – they actually don’t have any rest and relaxation during their annual leave because they didn’t choose the right hotel or they have chosen a really cheap hotel which won’t offer them the relaxation they need.

When you are in the need for relaxation and rest, you shouldn’t be frugal. Why? Well, simply because you are going on a vacation which is intended for your physical and mental relaxation and that during that time you won’t think about your job. And also because staying in at a cheap hotel won’t do you any good, you will rather feel uncomfortable at that budget hotel you have booked, you will feel disappointed, angry, sad, and do you think that is a relaxation? If you earn a lot of money or some moderate amounts of money, there are not just several, but many hotels of the world where you can spend your dream vacation and where you would have to pay a lot more for a night, but believe us, it would be worth it. If you plan a vacation and you want to truly relax this summer or this winter, take a look at our few recommendations of the luxurious hotels for which you won’t feel bad to spend a lot of your money onto. Here are the 25 hotels of the luxurious kind that are worth your money and which will make you charge your batteries during your annual leave:

#25 – Villa La Massa – Florence-Candeli, Italy


This hotel is immersed in the very heart of Tuscany. Villa La Massa is just a few miles away from the historical centre of Florence, Italy. This object is set on the bank of the Arno River and is full of lush gardens abundant with lemon trees, olive trees, and many other flowers and trees.

Villa La Massa sports 37 accommodation cells which are divided into three villas. To be exact, this hotel’s accommodations are divided into three pink and ochre villas. While staying at Villa La Massa you’ll have a romantic view at the fabulous Chianti Hills and a magnificent countryside.