25 Hacks That We Need in iPhone 7

It is no longer news that iPhone 7 is arguably the most anticipated mobile device of 2016. It is likely going to make its grand debut in September, just like its predecessor iPhone 6S did. From all indications, iPhone 7 will slightly surpass its predecessors in terms of body size and features, as it is said to have some new ultra advanced technology. Apple is known to release a new iOS just before the launch of a next generation iPhone. Hence it is expected that it iPhone 7 is going to feature Apple’s latest operation system (name yet to be announced) with lots of new fascinating features, such as a new User Interface, faster and smarter Safari Browser, ultra fast processor and an improved camera. However, what some iPhone-philes might be worried about is, if there are going to be hacks for iPhone 7. Well, here are some of the hacks that these iPhone-philes are hoping would work well on iPhone 7:

#25 – Resero 9:

Image result

This is a hack that shrinks the size of notification banners, such that can now only take up less space. This would help to prevent the user from being interrupted…by large notification banners. Any notification that appears, while you’re busy on your iPhone, will assume the width and height of the Status bar, rather than covering a quarter of the screen. Hence, notifications will only cover less space, when they pop up, while you’re busy on your iPhone.