25 bad effects of drugs on the body

Drug addiction is a major phenomenon through its dynamic and changing nature affecting all age groups, but predominantly that of adolescents and youth. Drug use has become nowadays a group phenomenon, reaching all socio-cultural categories, without exception. Drugs are substances artificially created by man, both extraction and chemical synthesis, their effects are much stronger than the plants from which they come. The adverse consequences of the consumption of such substances or products – organic and serious mental disorders, depersonalization and human degradation – often associated with serious crimes – murders, robberies, rapes, etc. – Make the “white drunkenness”, one of the main factors of mortality. The drug problem is the great challenge for the XXI century education. Most often, if effective action is not taken, consumption and drug addiction are the way to disease and progressive loss of self. The signs are weakening, erosion of affective life and undermining activity orderly thinking, plus injuries. All drugs have in common several adverse health effects. These include: premature aging, irritability, restlessness, agitation continues, headache, pace the heart, stomach cramps, psychotic conditions, damage to the kidneys and lungs, weakened immune system, impaired development in unborn babies, progressive loss ego, that ego function disorders of self-control level and body, soul and spirit.

#25 Respiratory disorders

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Cocaine accelerates breathing and increases body temperature.  These stimulating effects can quickly lead to a collapse of the central nervous system, which in turn can lead to respiratory and / or cardiac arrest and, eventually, death. Amphetamine gives those who use it extra energy for 4-6 hours, prevents sleep, reduces appetite, increases the heart rate, accelerates breathing and dilated pupils. Smokers of marijuana resembles cigarette smokers, in medical terms have the same problems in the breath, being exposed lung infection but the risk is much higher than those in the second category because marijuana contains a higher number of toxic, carcinogenic. Studies have shown that regular consumption of marijuana, over a prolonged period can lead to cancer, especially in the neck. Both women and men, the spread of all chronic respiratory disease (bronchitis, asthma, respiratory diseases) is linked to the level of smoking.