24 Most Thrilling Rides of the World

Each year amusement parks around the world up their game by building faster, bigger and more intense rides. How many rides have you taken so far? If you think you have taken most of them, then you are definitely mistaken! Roller coasters require significant amount of investment in land, and mechanics, and they simply cant be put on a rail around the country. We will jot down some of the most thrilling rides from around the world.

Bookmark this article for future, maybe one day you want to leave everything packed, and go on a mission to try each one of them. They are worth it, just by the way.

#24 – Sky Roller



According to some reports, this ride was planned back in 40s, and this particular ride is designed by the German ride maker Gerstlauer. This swing type ride gives barrel rolls, swings and turns. Many engineers believe that this ride was once the source of inspiration for designing several theme rides at Disneyland.